Work accidents and aftermath

Work Accidents and Aftermath


Work Accidents

“Accident Doesn’t Say I’m Coming!” and it can lead to great bodily, spiritual and financial consequences. If you have an accident at work, you can immediately see that you have suffered a lot of damage. For example: you will have medical expenses for your recovery, you will no longer be able to work due to the accident, for example…


In a workplace or freelancers (zzp’ers)

Your workplace is responsible for your safety at work and the machines and devices you work for. The same is true not only for those who work as fixed staff in a workplace and receive a salary, but also for people who work as self-employed. But, unfortunately, there are those who partially or completely do not comply with or pay attention to all these rules, that is, leave employees to their own state when it comes to job security.

If you are a workplace accident victim, you will encounter the following questions:

* Is the employer responsible for the accident?

  • What rights and responsibilities do I have as a freelance or stationary employee?
  • What rights and responsibilities do the workplace owner have?
  • Can I work and what about my future?

* Will the employer continue to pay my salary as long as I remain ill?

  • Do I have the right to receive an allowance?
  • Should I report myself as a patient?

* Can the employer give me a check-out?

  • Should I pay for the disease myself?
  • Who will pay for my moral damages (letselschade)?

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