What is Accutane?


Originally created to treat certain types of cancer, Accutane is now more commonly used. To treat severe acne or moderate acne that doesn’t respond to other treatments. The medicine has recently come under fire for its dangerous side effects. But it continues to be used my some teens and adults to get rid of acne, a problem that plagues millions of people. Prescriptions are only given out in specific cases for this drug because of the reported side effects. As well as due to the fact that there are other treatments that can be considered to aid in combating acne.


Accutane works by restricting the production of facial oils via glands in the skin. The acne will in all likelihood return once a person stops taking the medicine. At first, a person is likely to have an acne flare-up before it starts to go away completely. The pill comes in various doses and must be taken daily to work properly.


Due to its side effects, Accutane is only prescribed for a person after other acne treatments have failed to produce results. A short but thorough process is included before a person can even get the prescription.

Side Effects

There is a relatively lengthy list of Accutane side effects. Common ones include an increase in acne at the beginning of taking the medication, headaches, joint pain, hair loss, eye pain, and more. Some rarer side effects include fatigue, a reduction in night vision, depression, psychosis, and hepatitis, amongst others.

Therefore, this medication can be considered as being extremely dangerous and isn’t just handed out to every person that wants it. There have been rare cases of Accutane use having resulted in suicide or death. Additionally Accutane cannot be taken by pregnant women because it will cause birth defects during the pregnancy. Women who are sexually active must be on birth control before they can be given Accutane. Permanent side effects can include hair loss and decreased night vision.

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