Process in accident cases

Process in Accident Cases



  • – Accident notice aanmelding
    – File acceptance interview intakegesprek
  • – Holding the counterparty’s insurance responsible for the accident aansprakelijkheidsstelling
  • – Research, information collection onderzoek & informatie verzameling
  • – Expert visit & advance expertbezoek & voorschot
  • – Clarity in the case of Health medische eindsituatie
  • – Compensation and closure of the file schadevergoeding & afwikkeling

From the moment you want to hold the person or institution (insurance) responsible for the cause of the accident, your accident lawsuit process begins.


1-Accident Notification


When we receive news of the accident, we ask you some questions about the accident, make an appointment, and make an appointment for a file interview.


2 – File Acceptance Interview


A file acceptance interview is held at your home, in our nearest office, or at another address you desire. Forms related to the accident are filled out, documents are copied and an accident file is created. Your file will be processed by Accident Attorney Internal Services (binnendienst) within a few days and you will be sent a file received letter.


3-The Insurance Of The Person Who Caused The Accident Is Held Responsible


At the same time, a letter is written to the insurance of the person who caused the accident and it is requested that he accept responsibility for the accident.


You should continue to do whatever is necessary about your health. From the moment of the accident, you must keep your expenses, documents well. You must first share the mail about the accident with us. You are given the right guidance and advice. Developments related to your file are highly informed and shared.


 4-Research and information collection


If the insurance responsible for the accident is needed, it conducts research and may request additional information. The desired information is transmitted to the insurance. All communication is conducted through us as the defending party.


5-Home visit of insurance surveyor and advance


When the responsible insurance accepts responsibility for the accident, the Expert Visits the victim at home, and we, as an accident lawyer, are ready for the interview. The advance determined by the expert is credited directly to the account of the victim customer by the responsible insurance. As an accident lawyer, the client does not pay any fees for the costs that we carry, because these costs are legally claimed from responsible insurance.


6-Assessment of health status


In order for the file to close, there must be clarity in the Health process. In other words, the client has either started to recover, or according to the medical reports, he will not be able to recover any more, meaning that he has a permanent disability.


7-Compensation account and closure of the file


The total accident compensation is calculated together with the responsible insurance at the close of the file. The result is shared by us with the customer. If the client agrees, the relevant documents are signed and the compensation is credited by sigota directly to the victim’s account.


When the case is closed, a short survey of customer satisfaction is conducted as an accident lawyer.

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