Getting Money From Insurance After a Road Accident

  • What are your rights after a traffic accident ?
  • What should you do after a traffic accident ?
  • How can I get money from traffic insurance ?
  • How do I file a car accident case ?
  • What is a traffic criminal case, a blood money compensation case ?


Many questions similar to the above are questions asked by victims of a road accident or relatives of the person who lost their life. Some of these questions are answered under other headings on our home page. But it is necessary to explain some issues in a way that everyone can understand, since there are huge losses of Rights caused by the fact that the person who has been in a traffic accident or people who have lost a relative are ignorant.


Traffic accidents can, of course, receive money (compensation ) from insurance. For this, a lawsuit can be filed against the traffic insurance of the defective vehicle. Insurance companies usually want to pay without filing a lawsuit. But the calculations that insurance companies make are usually lower than the amount they will receive at the end of the court. This causes victims to unwittingly receive much less than the money they will actually receive and consent. Even insurance companies want to pay as soon as possible in such cases. Because signed contracts or paid money usually prevent future litigation.


It should be noted that it is much more useful to get your right through litigation in full and again in the same time, rather than getting incomplete and rushed. With the new laws, the trial process in traffic accidents has been accelerated. In this regard, it is very useful to get your right in full through litigation, rather than taking money from insurance. After a traffic accident; be sure to get the help of a lawyer on this issue before receiving money – compensation from the insurance company. This is extremely important for your interests and your future. Otherwise, it can lead to huge rights losses. Because when you don’t know, you have to accept what others tell you is true. So it’s always useful to get information from experts.

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