Child’s Play Can Lead To Serious Injury

Child’s Play Can Lead To Serious Injury

  • Playground accidents can lead to serious injuries
  • Necessary precautions should be taken to prevent injuries on playgrounds
  • 150,000 accidents a year on playgrounds

Children will always end up with bruises and scratches as a result of rough and tumble in the playground, from a game of football in the local park or tripping up while playing tag in the school yard. However, children can suffer horrific injuries from falls sustained from playground equipment or if a piece of loose clothing gets caught in the merry-go-round. Such incidents can result in brain injuries and spinal cord injuries if the child lands on his or her head, strangulation injuries, broken bones and serious frictional burns.

While it has to be accepted that accidents to happen, many playground accidents could have been prevented if the playground designer, equipment manufacturer or school took various precautions to stop these accidents from happening

Playgrounds should be fun and safe for children but a report by Safe Kids USA stated that around one hundred and fifty thousand children under the age of fifteen suffer serious injuries each year after accidents on play grounds and end up in hospital. These injuries are down to defects in playground equipment and around seventy five percent of these accidents occur in public places such as the school playground or the local park.

Not all playground accidents are a result of defects or due to a design fault, however injuries do occur because the playground had improper protective surfaces, the playground is not adequately maintained or children are allowed to play on playground equipment not appropriate for their age level. Inadequate supervision is a main cause of accidents in the school playground.

If your child has been injured as a result of a playground accident you may wish to consult a lawyer to see if a defect in playground equipment has contributed to the accident or of lack of supervision of your child led to the injury.

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