Accident on Holiday

Accidents on Holiday


Law Insurance (Rechtsbijstadverzekering)

In particular, legal insurance plays an important role in covering the costs incurred for tracking your legal rights in accidents abroad and controversial accidents at home. If you do not have this insurance, then depending on your income situation, your lawyer will take care of your case with judicial support from the state and a contribution will be taken from you.

People have the right to choose a lawyer, and this legal insurance covers the costs of the legal service provided. Legal insurance can be included in your traffic insurance, as well as in the family legal insurance package. You need to read the policy well or consult your insurance representative.

Casco Insurance (All Risk Verzekering)

Because there is a higher risk of accidents on holiday roads, those who go on the trail by car need to take out insurance. If you are exposed to an accident outside the Netherlands, it will not be easy to defend your right in other countries. You face a lot of challenges, such as time, language issues, hiring a lawyer. It won’t be easy for you to defend your accident case in those countries.

Passenger Accident (traffic) insurance: Ongevallen Inzittenden Verzekering (OIV)

It is insurance that you will make in addition to your car. In case of permanent damage (blijvende letsel) or death of those who were in the car at the time of the accident, the amount predetermined and written in the policy is paid as compensation.

Passenger Accident Damage Insurance: Schadeverzekering Inzittenden (SVI)

After the accident, the ‘letselschade ‘ pays compensation for the accident/damage caused by injury and injury in the accident. It also pays for baggage damage. Passengers are always justified in relation to accident damages and are entitled to compensation. At the same time, the driver will also be able to claim human-oriented damage (letselschade) from insurance, even if it is justified or unjustified in the accident. So we recommend that you have this insurance.

Travel Insurance (Reisverzekering)

In the Netherlands, your health insurance covers your expenses in the Netherlands. When you are abroad, the coverage of the insurance decreases (minimale dekking). You may not be able to go to the hospital or doctor you want, or even your health insurance may not be activated in some countries. Baggage that you take with you on leave is covered by damage or travel insurance. In case of theft, it is excluded from the ‘inboedelverzekering’ coverage and covered by travel insurance.

What To Do After An Accident Abroad?

In case of material damage accidents, it is legally valid for both parties to fill out and sign the accident form (Europees Schadeformulier SAF); it is also valid for Turkey. In some countries, there may be different rules. You must have ‘groenekaart’ insurance that will be valid abroad.


  • – Call the Alarm center (ANWB or SOS) ;
  • – ANWB or SOS overseas services will help you in case of failure to agree. In general, insurers have representative offices in the countries where you have an accident.
  • – Notify police or security; be sure to ask for a police report on injuries;
  • – Don’t sign forms when you can’t read or understand;
  • – Take pictures of the crash site and both vehicles, even their injuries;
  • – Take note of witness information;
  • – Ask the hospital for a medical report;
  • – Give your insurance the news of the accident, because the insurance does not pay in cases that are not registered;
  • – Keep documents of your financial expenses;
  • – Choose a reliable representative as soon as possible to search for your accident rights;
  • – Don’t neglect your health checks.

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