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After an accident, we will examine your rights to financial compensation for death, permanent disability, inability to work and injuries, and with our legal comments, we will tell you about the issues that you need to follow up on your rights to compensation, and we will make sure that you find various lawyers related to this.

Accident Lawyer organization, any compensation rights that may arise as a result of any accident that occurs as soon as possible to the rights holders and prevent further victimization of the casualty.


The amount of compensation you deserve for this accident that you are a victim of, and your expectations to explain to you impartially in a way that you also understand the reasons.

Ensure that any damage caused as part of the accident is claimed.

Explaining and recording everything impartially, ensuring good communication between the casualty and the person or organization taking expert responsibility for the file.

Protect your interests by establishing a good bridge with lawyers and other experts from the time the file is processed.

Providing support for the vital needs of victims who have lost their lives as a result of traffic or work accidents, are disabled, and in particular do not have Social Security.

In this area, we are in contact with charities and also support community projects.

Ensure that any damage caused under insurance in the Netherlands and any foreign country or in Turkey on holiday is covered and ensure that your rights are protected in accordance with the law of the country.

Providing support for the victim in obtaining compensation claims.

To lead the full and uninterrupted provision of the compensation the victim deserves.

Finding a solution to the victim in accordance with the principles of the accident lawyer organization.

Informing the victim in advance of the financial compensation deserved, ensuring that it is paid uninterrupted on its own account.

Co-operation until victims win compensation rights.

It is to help victims meet their vehicle, supplies, domestic services, taxi supply for hospital and doctor commute and other needs in a timely manner.

The most important thing is to support the completion of your file’s shortcomings and make this file complete and complete with you.

About Us