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4 Reasons Why a Texas Injury Attorney Will Decline Your Case


If you or your acquaintance are suffering damages or severe injuries from an accident, you should certainly hire a Texas Personal Injury Attorney to fight for your settlement. Nevertheless, it’s possible that not every lawyer will be interested in taking your case. In fact, there is a chance that some attorneys might turn your claim down.

Following are some possible aspects why an injury lawyer will decline to take your potential case.

Reason# 1: Your Injuries Are Not That Critical

Every individual’s injuries suffered in a car accident will have a negative impact on the victim’s life. However, high settlement expenses are typically rewarded when a victim’s damages are both life-changing and highly severe.

While your grievances impact your life, a Texas Personal Injury Attorney might not be willing to recompense you for damages which the judges view as not being reasonably severe enough. If an attorney believes your damages would not appear critical in the eyes of others, he/she may not want to work on your case.

An attorney has to evaluate the amount for working up a testimony with the anticipated return on the case. If the charges exceed the probable return on the case, a lawyer will possibly reject your claim.

Reason #2: The Decree of Limitations Expired

In each state of the United States, there’s a particular statute of limitations for accident cases. In various cases, if the statute of limitations expires, state law excludes you from making a case.

Even if it doesn’t fall in the victims’ favor, the statute of limitations includes lawsuits to continue soon after an accident. The reason behind it is that witnesses and medical tests are expected to be more accurate and persuasive. The decree of limitations does not allow victims to file claims several years after an accident occurred for this reason.

Reason #3: Your Case is Risky or Complex

Mostly, when a personal injury lawyer agrees to represent a client in a case, the Texas Personal Injury Attorney is remunerated on what is known as a contingency fee. This implies the attorney does not collect payment unless they win your case. This puts a high risk on the lawyer; hence he needs to be confident to be compensated for the effort and time they put into a case.

The more complicated a personal injury case is, the more effort and time the lawyer has to spend to resolve a case. He or she will also have to invest cash out of pocket for court expenses and other necessary expenditures to win your case.

Additionally, the attorney will need to consider the potential for recuperating this investment of these resources, particularly if settlement is expected to take some months or even years. After contemplating all aspects of your personal injury case, a lawyer might decide to not take the risk or invest the necessary time.

Reason #4: Your Medical Tests Narrate a Different Story

Sometimes there may be disagreement between Texas Personal Injury Attorneys and potential clients. Affiliation might be difficult to establish, and this is particularly true if a client’s medical records do not match up to the evidence given to the attorney.

You may also give the impression that your damages are not severe if there are consistent delays or gaps in your medical care. If you seem to be misleading about the seriousness of your injuries or the proofs in your medical history, it will spoil the prospects of recuperating a successful case.

If a Texas Personal Injury Attorney thinks specific details are being lost or inaccurate, he or she may choose to reject your case. If you cannot persuade a lawyer about your injuries, the lawyer will not be able to do their job of convincing judges.

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